About Us

Link Technical Sales is a technology focused Manufacturer’s Representative serving Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and El Paso Texas areas as well as the Mexico border areas of Nogales and Juarez. We represent leading technology suppliers of semiconductor and system level products in the areas of Displays, Touch Sensor, Memory, CPU, Audio, Frequency Control, Lighting, and Wireless. As our name Link implies we exist to make, form, and establish successful partnerships between our suppliers, our distributors, and our customers.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker
While strategy is very important to meet long term goals and objectives there must first be a culture that is able to implement that strategy effectively. At Link we believe the #1 force that shapes a culture is Core Values. That is why we share our Core Values as our guiding foundation that helps you meet your goals and objectives.

Core Values

Commitment to Excellence

Doing “good enough” is not acceptable, Link Technical Sales is committed to always seeking to exceed the expectations of our suppliers and customers.

Heart for Service

Link Technical Sales has a genuine desire to work with our suppliers and customers to help meet your goal and objectives.

Relationships are held in the highest regard

Relationships are built on trust and respect, we strive to earn that trust and respect every day.


We maintain integrity in everything we do, there is zero gap between what we say and what we do.

Service Attitude

Every day we seek to fulfill the concept to production needs of our customers and suppliers in a timely manner that enables you to be successful in your marketplace.


We seek to always add value to our customers, our suppliers, and our distributors by developing successful partnerships, our success depends on the team’s success.